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Complimentary Site Evaluations

A site evaluation walk-through is free service for the purpose of determining the optimal strategy to address your concerns about your facilities poor power quality concerns, equipment failures, unplanned production downtime, etc

Power Quality Site Surveys

For facilities experiencing equipment problems that appear to be power related, on-site surveys generally are required in order to verify that power disturbances are the cause of electronic equipment malfunction or failure.  The prioritized list of specific objectives of a PQ site survey are:

  1. Determine condition and adequacy of wiring and grounding system
  2. Determine ac voltage quality at the point of use
  3. Determine sources of power disturbances and their impacts
  4. Analyze findings to identify immediate and long-term cost effective solutions
  5. Report findings

Ground Resistivity Measurements

Grounding or earthing systems provide a safe connection between an electrical circuit and the ground. They are used for the dissipation of electrical faults, grounding lightning strikes and maintaining the correct operation of electrical equipment.  The correct design of an earthing system is dependent upon knowledge of the local ground resistivity.  A ground resistivity measurement, if done properly, shows the ground's capacity to pass electrical current.

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