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Reduce the risk of damage to your expensive electronic equipment due to effects of lightning and other electrical power anomalies with our vast array of power quality products, solutions and services offerings


Complimentary site evaluations, in-depth Power Quality (PQ) surveys, Ground resistance measurements

National Electrical Manufacturers Representative Association® (NEMRA), September 2011 – Present
Manufacturers' Agents National Association® (MANA), July 2011 – Present
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers® (IEEE), March 1993 – Present
National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA), June 2012 – Present
Architects, Engineers, & Building Officials (AEBO) Section of the NFPA
National Electrical Manufacturers Association® (NEMA), May 2014 – Present
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Collaborative Standards Development System (CSDS)
Collaborator, August 2012 – Present for the following:
Standard for Safety, Surge Protective Devices, UL 1449
Standard for Safety, Electromagnetic Interference Filters, UL 1283
Standard for Safety, Installation Requirements for Lightning Protection System, UL 96A 

Who We Are

VantagePQ Solutions, LLC in Wake Forest, North Carolina, is a Certified Manufacturers' Representative firm offering electrical power quality products and solutions.  Our goal is to help mitigate the harmful effects of destructive power anomalies. We are a Certified Professional Manufacturers' Representative® (CPMR).

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